Hex is a jump and punch platformer with a unique art style of chaotic pencils and great choice of colors! In fact a color palette definitely flashy enough to catch player's attention.
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Tame and saddle evil birds
Shred your enemies with numerous weapons
Use spells to call the spirits of the past
Come join a fascinating game world of mega wicked design.
When the princess is in trouble, a real hero turns into a rapid shell, and makes his way with bombs, and axes! Mobile platform with the most simplified management, but a deep and varied gameplay.

Play anytime and anywhere!
Master a sword, throwing bombs, knives, and axes!
Get King's reward!
Build a high tower, to broaden your horizons and see new lands to save the princess!
Only the true hero will save the princess with the power of will.
Stranded is a new interactive fiction game exclusive for iOS.

Communicate in real time on your iPhone to guide Sam across the desert, outrun the cops, and make it to the border.

Death or freedom: where will your advice lead?

Revenge on enemies
Break free
Go into the Sunset
Stranded is a branching, interactive story driven by your choices. Follow along as new notifications update you during Sam's journey, or check in again later to keep playing!
Deep in debt to a crime lord and on the run after a heist gone wrong, Sam has no one to turn to for help… except you.
Sunny Rush in an infinite 3d runner on beautiful sunny streets. The day is already in full swing. And you want to refresh so much, just need to catch up with the ice cream van!
Hey! On your way! You'll to face not only cars, wells, and construction fences: neighbors' dogs do not like it when there is too much noise!
Run as fast as you can!
Tank Hunter is visually stunning tank battle simulator on mobile!

Conquer the war regions in an epic journey to defeat the world's most advanced tanks and enjoy the great shooting mechanics of a perfectly short game sessions.

Defeat evil generals to get their legendary tanks in your collection. Can you beat them all and make the world yours?
Reach the maximum firepower of your tanks and compete with other players online in fast paced tank battle simulation.
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